Standing Desk Add-on

I wanted to have a standing desk, but still be flexible. Also, I didn’t want to replace my actual desk with my gaming pc setup on it. So I built a simple add-on for an existing desk.

I just measured the height the keyboard and the monitor or laptop should be at and bought corresponding furniture legs and mounting brackets. I used untreated spruce glued laminated timber in 80 cm x 50 cm and 80 x 30 cm. Both are 18 mm in thickness.

Unfortunately, I mixed up the finish and bought both polished and matte metal pieces, but this doesn’t bother me too much.

It occurred to me only afterwards to share this, so I only have got a few pictures and no footage of the process. But it’s pretty straightforward since there are only a few screws (M4 x 16) and two drilled holes involved.