Creating individual files from MS Word form letters (Update)

tl;dr: Use pdfsam

MS Word has a good form letter feature, but it’s limited in a way: when you want to save each form letter individually, you’re out of luck. You can only create a single Word document, which contains all letters. I was searching far and wide for a solution to my problem and stumbled upon some Add-ins, but what helped me the most is a simple macro.

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Serienbriefe als einzelne MS Word-Dokumente (Update)

tl;dr: Benutze pdfsam

MS Word hat eine gute Serienbrieffunktion, aber sie hat eine Einschränkung: es können keine einzelnen Dokumente gespeichert werden. Word erstellt lediglich eine Datei, die alle Dokumente enthält. Ich habe weit und breit nach einer Lösung gesucht und bin auf einige Add-ins gestoßen, aber letztendlich half ein einfaches Makro.

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Random Quotes from File (PHP Script)

I wanted to show random lines from a list instead of a static tagline on top of the Homepage. I was searching for a while but only found outdated infos or plugins. Some PHP code I found worked, but ended up showing two lines of my text file at once. I tweaked the code a little (not that there’s much to work with) and ended up creating this little plugin. A “real” programmer probably would laugh at this. But I’m not at all a programmer and frankly quite pleased with myself.

This is the code for the PHP script.

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