Debloat Windows 10 (and stop MS from spying)

Through the YouTube channel and website of Chris Titus I found this freeware tool to debloat Windows l0. Basically, you just run this command in an elevated Powershell:

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

This will load the tool and open it in a separate window. The tool itself can be loaded from it’s GitHub page, where additional information is available. Windows 10 Debloater is free software licensed under the MIT License (Copyright (c) 2017 Richard Newton)

There is also another freeware tool by O&O Software, O&O ShutUp10, which you can use additionally to debloat Windows 10. It has got some nice toggle switches and predefined recommended settings. Custom preferences can be saved to a file. Additionally, after an Update, ShutUp10 can check if anything got changed back by windows update and correct this.

Here are the links to Chris Titus’ website with additional information worth a read: